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How To Restore Your Marriage After Infidelity – Gary & Mona Shriver Part 2

Many couples are convinced that their marriage is impervious to infidelity, only to find themselves one day dealing with the devastation of an extramarital affair – wondering if their relationship will survive.

Hear from a couple that found healing and restoration after an affair, a journey chronicled in their book, Unfaithful: Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity. Gary and Mona Shriver offer advice and hope to other couples who’ve been affected by adultery.

Are you wondering how to restore your marriage after infidelity? Find hope for healing in Gary and Mona Shriver’s book (http://bit.ly/2MLfJjw) and/or through a marriage intensive by Focus on the Family’s Hope Restored (http://bit.ly/2ojJNLN)

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