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Calling: To and From – Week 2 (JAN 28-FEB 01, 2019)

In the gospel accounts of Jesus calling his first disciples and then others to follow, we see a pattern of both being called to certain things as well as being called from other things. In a two-week series, “Calling: To and From,” we’ll dig into both directions of responding to Jesus’ invitation. In week one, we’ll look at what Jesus is calling us to: to come, to follow, to see, to find, and ultimately, to himself. Though each “to” might be seen as an individual action, we’ll discover that the call to Jesus is a layered response that continues throughout our lifetimes as disciples. Then in week two, we’ll consider just what we might be called from – what we might need to leave – in order to respond. We’ll consider how we might be called from an old way of life, self-sufficiency, people dependency, excuses and ultimately, everything.

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