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A Live Ultrasound was Broadcast in Times Square | Highlights from Historic Alive from New York event

At “Alive from New York” on May 4, 2019…

…we showed a live ultrasound of a preborn life on massive digital screens as the baby’s heartbeat echoed through the streets of New York City.

… we were challenged to hold the line and spread the truth by Alveda King, Benjamin Watson, Jim Daly, Jeanne Mancini, abortion survivors, and many more.

…we were the largest pro-life gathering in Times Square history.

…we praised God with joyous song.

…God’s truth, justice, and hope were declared.

…God’s name was lifted high.

Together. Brothers and sisters, this was for all of us. This *is* for all of us. Stay steadfast. Lift your prayers to heaven. Lift the name of Jesus high. Love the Lord your God. Love your neighbors as yourself. Be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to moms and babies in your communities. Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.


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