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Grasping the Power of Forgiveness Part 1 – Pastor Al and Lisa Robertson

Forgiveness isn’t easy. You may feel like the situation is impossible, the hurt is too deep, the circumstances too wild. But when you withhold that forgiveness, the only one who suffers is you. On this two-day Focus broadcast, Al and Lisa Robertson help you understand the power of forgiveness in marriage and other relationships. They both have experienced pain in their lives and in marriage and other relationships. They both have experienced pain in their lives and in their marriage and have come through the other side to healing. Al briefly shares his wild childhood. growing up with an alchoholic father, while Lisa recalls her dysfunctional family that hid behind the “perfect” image.

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They discuss five-way forgiveness – from God, from the one you offend, from your church family, for the one who offended you, and for yourself – as well as generational curses and how to break them. In day two, Lisa shares more about her relationship with her mom, and Al reveals his judgmental heart when it comes to his brother Jep. They close with a look at some disciplines for living a life of forgiveness.

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