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Studio Recording: Philip Yancey & "Fearfully & Wonderfully" on Discover the Word

What does it mean to be “image bearers” of God? In the ancient world, the word image often referred to handcrafted statues of wood or stone that represented the features and power of mythological gods. In the Bible, it says that God made men and women as His “image bearers.” Theologians have debated the true meaning of those words. Do we physically look like God or are we misunderstanding the context?

The answer is simple, we bear His image in likeness. We are meant to reflect Him to the world. How should that profound truth impact the way we live?

Author Philip Yancey joins Discover the Word to help us answer this question and more!

This series originally aired on Discover the Word as a five-part radio broadcast from February 17-28, 2020. Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder, and Daniel Ryan Day host the series.

Session One: 00:00-13:10 // Every Part Of The Body Plays A Crucial Role
Session Two: 13:10-26:35 // Being Made In The Image Of God
Session Three: 26:35-39:03 // The Church Should Unite To Restore The Broken
Session Four: 39:03-51:40 // Finding Fulfillment By Giving Of Ourselves
Session Five: 51:40-1:04:26// Discover The Profound Change The Holy Spirit Makes In The Believer’s Life
Session Six: 1:04:26-1:18:51 // Rules That Set You Free
Session Seven: 1:18:51-1:33:21// Physical Touch Is An Essential Element Of Jesus’ Healing And Ministry
Session Eight: 1:33:21-1:46:04 // What Is The Symbolic Role Of Blood In Scripture?
Session Nine: 1:46:04-1:59:48 // How Can Pain Be A Gift For Living A Healthy Life?
Session Ten: 1:59:48-2:13:15 // “Fearfully And Wonderfully”

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