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EP. 7: Friendable

Show Summary:

How would you describe the perfect friend? Have you ever thought to ask yourself, “Am I friendable?” In this week’s episode of God Hears Her, Elisa and Eryn share tips and experiences that can help us find, and become, better friends.

Notes and Quotes:

Regarding friendship: “I think instead of looking for that 24-7, I think we need to learn to be it. I call that being friendable—that I am open to a friend by being a friend to others.” Friend tip: You have to know your own story. Asking other people their story. Use the elevator analogy when asking someone their story. Get in the elevator, but allow them to choose what floor they are going to. Instead of pushing and probing, let it be open-ended and allow the person you asked to decide what floor, or level, they would like to get off at. Let the vulnerability lay in the lap of the person you are trying to befriend. Kill the competition. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you can be happy and confident in what God is doing in your life instead of comparing your life to what He’s doing in the lives of others. Be open to finding friends in unexpected places. “We are wired for connection and friendship; and I think that God listens, and He wants to provide us friends that can meet us there.” Don’t be afraid to ask God, “Hey, will you bring me a friend?” or “Hey, will you make me more friendable?” “I think there is something different that God has provided for us by providing Jesus. It is a kind of a friendship—it’s a spiritual friendship—but it’s a companion.” Leaning into God (in the areas we look for fulfillment from a friend) can protect our friendships and in turn make us closer friends with God. Links:

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John 15:14-15 NIV “I have called you friends.” John 14:16-18 NIV “I will come to you.”

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