Home Video EP. 8: When We Feel Invisible (with Robert Gelinas)

EP. 8: When We Feel Invisible (with Robert Gelinas)

Show Summary:

Feeling unseen, unheard, and invisible is something many of us struggle with. In this week’s episode of God Hears Her, Robert Gelinas describes overcoming feelings of being invisible and introduces us to Hagar and the God who sees and hears her and us.

Guest Bio:

Robert Gelinas deeply desires to see the body of Christ united and empowered to serve the poor and the poor in spirit; the miserable and the marginalized; the disabled and those deemed unimportant. Robert is the pastor of Colorado Community Church and the author of several books including his most recent, Discipled by Jesus. He and his wife, Barbara, live with their six children in the Denver area.

Notes and Quotes:

“I felt loved, but I did not feel seen or heard in my family. I felt invisible.” “The pastor says, ‘I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,’ and when I went under water it was like time stopped because I didn’t know who my dad was, and this man said Father.” Sometimes we don’t realize there is a big gap in our heart that desires to be known or noticed, until we are. “The people we interact with on this planet can mirror how He views us.” “I don’t think the first woman wondered if she was seen and heard. I don’t think Eve ever woke up before the fall and said, ‘Does God see me, and does my husband see me?’” “Are you really there if nobody sees you?” “We would rather be invisible than be exposed.” Our fear of being vulnerable, or being exposed, gets in the way of us being seen or being known. “Is it a right? It is more than a right, it’s what you were created for.” –Referring to a woman questioning if it is her right to be seen and heard. When you feel invisible, you think it’s possibly your fault. But when you have that moment where God reveals to you that He sees you, then at least you know: I am not invisible. I am real. I exist. Links/Books/Resources Mentioned In Show:

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Genesis 16:13 NIV “You are the God who sees me.” John 4:15-18 NIV Jesus with the woman at the well. The Book of Lamentations NIV

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