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Combating the Lies That Can Destroy Your Marriage (Part 1)- Dr. Greg Smalley and Dr. Bob Paul

Our culture promotes relationship myths and fairy-tale expectations, and these lies are affecting your marriage! On this two-day Focus on the Family broadcast, Dr Greg Smalley and Bob Paul bring hope and healing to married couples by exposing the truth behind these Love Lies.

These lies include: living “happily ever after”, losing your individuality after marriage, relying solely on love, sacrificing who you are, meeting each other’s needs, irreconcilable differences, working hard to earn your spouse’s love, trying to “fix” your spouse, and compromise. While each lie contains some kernel of truth, Greg and Bob breakdown the myths to explain God’s design for marriage.

Get Bob and Greg’s book, 9 Lies That Will Destroy Your Marriage: https://bit.ly/2VUyvvI

For more resources on this topic: https://bit.ly/31LYM2Z

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