Home Video EP. 19: Does God Have Someone for Me?

EP. 19: Does God Have Someone for Me?

Does God have someone for me? It’s a question everyone wonders at some point or another, especially in a culture that suggests romantic relationships are the norm. Join Elisa and Eryn as they dive deep into their struggles with loneliness and healing after relationship loss, as well as discuss a unique and important twist on this popular question.

Notes and Quotes:

“I don’t see myself the way God sees me. I was seeing myself through the lens of the person I was dating.” We are made for relationships and connection. “I think what I am learning in this whole journey of being single after being married is that I just desire to become the person I am meant to be.” “I was seeking relationships to fill voids that only God could fill.” “When you are single, there is so much work to be done because our identities have been formed in relationship to others.” “Relationships define so much around us.” “I think God has a lot of people for us. I think marriage is one thing, and it is an important thing. But I also think the reality is we are humans, and our relationships that can be fully satisfying can function a little bit like an island of intimacy.” “Until we let God love us, we can’t love ourselves. And until we love ourselves, we can not love another.” We ask the question if God has anyone for us. Well, He has Himself for us. And yes, He invites us into relationships. In seasons of singleness, we have time to show up and be present for the loved ones we have around us. Be careful not to overlook that. “Flip the question and instead of asking if God has anyone for us, ask ‘Can I be someone for God?’” Links/Books/Resources Mentioned In Show:

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