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As Darkness Covers The Land (With Greg Laurie)

You might be surprised to know that even Jesus Christ Himself at times was angry. What made Jesus angry? We’re going to look at that today. And we’re also going to look at what makes God sad. Yes, God can experience sadness just like you and I can. We’re going to see a story where Jesus shows both deep sorrow and righteous indignation.

Practical Principles

Unbelief makes God sad. Rejection of His promises makes God sad. Jesus was sad as He entered Jerusalem, openly weeping, brokenhearted. Why would He be brokenhearted during such a time of celebration? Because His ministry was almost over. Time was short and, by and large, He had been rejected. The Bible says that “He came to His own and His own received Him not.” Jesus healed their sick, raised their dead, cleansed their lepers, fed their hungry, and forgave their sins, but at this point, He’s mostly alone and rejected and He knew that one of His own disciples, Judas Iscariot, was about to betray Him.
God gets angry when we become a barrier to people coming to Christ. Jesus overturned the tables in the temple because people were being kept from worship. This was not just a random explosion of anger on the part of Jesus. This was righteous indignation.


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