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Part Three | A New Identity: The Gospel of Matthew | @Our Daily Bread ​

The best way to love someone is by listening to them, not simply doing something for them. Each of the Gospel writers present a unique voice and perspective of Jesus that gives us important information about who Jesus is and how His identity shapes our own.

00:00-00:55: Introduction to the Series
00:55-03:47: God’s Gentle Servant (Matthew 12)
03:47-06:03: The Ludicrous Death of John the Baptist, Machaerus, Jordan (Matthew 14)
06:03-08:36: The First Time the Twelve Worship Jesus as the Messiah, Sea of Galilee
08:36-10:50: Bread for the Puppies (Matthew 15)
10:50-13:29: The Transfiguration (Matthew 17)
13:29-13:52: Pilgrimage from Galilee to Jerusalem
13:52-15:39: Who Is the Greatest? (Matthew 18)
15:39-18:14: An Unwillingness to Forgive
18:14-18:43: Journey to Jerusalem
18:43-21:15: Divorce and the Little Children (Matthew 19)
21:15-22:53: Two Blind Men (Matthew 20)
22:53-24:53: The Triumphal Entry (Matthew 21)
24:53-25:15: Closing Credits

About This Series:
Host Michael Card takes us on a journey to Israel—the land of the Bible—to explore the life, times, and words of Matthew, words that prove the identity of Jesus Christ as Messiah and what that means to people that choose to follow Him. Together, we’ll learn to listen to the voice of Matthew to discover who Jesus is.

“A New Identity: The Gospel of Matthew” was created by Day of Discovery and presented by Our Daily Bread Ministries.

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