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Part 3 | The Bible: Why Does It Endure? | Day of Discovery presented by @Our Daily Bread

The Bible…this ongoing best seller has endured for almost 2000 years. Remarkably,
the Bible’s influence continues around the world in places as different as China,
Africa and the Middle East. But why? Through the centuries millions have honored
its writings as God’s word…God’s revelation to the human race. Others however
think of the Bible as merely a collection of old stories and the sayings of a rabbi
named Jesus. In a modern enlightened world, can an ancient book like the Bible
really be considered God breathed, inspired and offering timeless wisdom to all

00:00-00:48: Introduction
00:48-03:26: What History Reveals
03:26-09:24: Does the Bible Encourage Violence?
09:24-10:56: Addressing Apparent Contradictions in the Bible
10:56-14:24: Historical Reliability of the Old Testament
14:24-17:43: Historical Reliability of the New Testament
17:43-20:18: Is the New Testament Canon a Result of Political Decisions?
20:18-24:57: Accepting the Authority of the Bible
24:57-25:27: End Credits

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